Our Vision

Dlo Geri aims to work with the people of Haiti to improve the public health through better access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Dlo Geri is to collaborate with the people of Haiti to ensure safe drinking water and improved sanitation for the projects and communities where we work. We intend to use sound scientific and engineering principles to implement water and wastewater infrastructure that address the public health issues facing the Haitian people. Using proven approaches developed elsewhere, we will work with the Haitian people to implement sustainable and repeatable long-term solutions. Overall we want to communicate an approach to water that takes the best public health practices and employs them in Haiti. We aim improve the quality of life for the people of Haiti so they can thrive and enjoy life to its fullest.

As required by 501(c)3 requirements, “the organization is organized for charitable and scientific purposes under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.”

Our Projects: New Hope Hospital

Plaine du Nord lies in the valley, south of Cap Haitien and below the Massif Du Nord mountain range. This is the location where Dr. Eugene Maklin and Haiti Mission Branch du Nord (HMBN) have begun construction on a desperately needed hospital to serve the 250,000 underserved people in the region. Dr. Maklin, a native Haitian, runs several health clinics and also a microfinance organization – all to help the people of Haiti. He strives to bring those living in Haiti out of poverty to ensure long-lasting and healthy lives.

The Team

Albert J. Capuzzi, P.E., Co-Director

Bonjou! My name is A.J. Capuzzi. Hooked on water and hooked on Haiti, I am a graduate of Villanova University and Seton Hall University, a professional engineer and a water practice leader at Jacobs Engineering Group. I have spent most of my 24 year career in water.

I traveled to Haiti in December 2007 to help with a water project for an orphanage and elderly home. Despite being stunned by the level of poverty, environmental degradation and poor drinking water quality, I was attracted to the strange and beautiful landscape and the joy-filled people, who, despite their dire conditions, press on. Over the last seven years, I implemented and monitored a new drinking water system.

During one of my many visits, I was introduced to Dr. Eugene Maklin and learned about his heart for Haiti and this amazing hospital project.

Jessica Kretch, Co-Director

Hey I'm Jessica! I am an environmental engineer working for CDM Smith and I obtained my masters in environmental engineering from University of California, Berkeley and my undergrad in civil and environmental engineering from Rutgers. I fell in love with water projects during my freshman year at Rutgers when I traveled to Thailand for a water purification project through Engineers Without Borders (EWB).

My eyes felt as though they had been opened for the first time. The need was overwhelming and I have made it my life's dream to change this. I continued with the Thailand project as project leader and went on to conduct research on water projects in developing countries while at Berkeley. Working on the Dlo Geri team and on this amazing project is one more step in making this dream a reality.

Shivangi Ganatra, Communications

I graduated from Rutgers University this past May with a major in civil and environmental engineering and currently work for theNew Jersey Department of Transporation (NJDOT). I chose to pursue engineering upon learning about EWB, and my involvement with the Rutgers University chapter shaped my undergraduate years.

I got involved with a water supply project for a small rural community in Guatemala. I served as project lead during my junior year and then as president of the EWB chapter during my senior year. The idea of partnering with developing communities to help people meet basic needs inspired me and changed the way I understood the profession of engineering. I knew I wanted to continue that type of work, and was excited to learn about the construction of the Haiti Mission Branche Nord Hospital and the opportunity to get involved with a part of the effort.

Nicole Del Monaco, Treasurer

I am currently a graduate student at Rutgers University studying civil and environmental engineering. During my undergraduate years at Rutgers, I was involved with a water supply project in a rural community in Guatemala through EWB. I started as the project translator and then became project lead during my senior year. I was fortunate enough to have traveled to the community twice, learning and growing through each experience.

I loved my involvement with EWB; prior to joining, I never really understood how powerful engineering could be. Seeing first-hand our collaborative efforts with the community showedme how many lives were improved by this and many similar projects taking place all over the world. When I heard about the Dlo Geri hospital project, I jumped on the opportunity to help out in any way I can.

Nimah Ahmed, Fundraising Chair

I am currently an undergraduate student at Rutgers University studying civil and environmental engineering. I chose environmental engineering because I wanted a career that I would not only find personally rewarding but would also give me the ability to give back to communities around the world and help areas in need. My experience with EWB has shown me just how much of an impact a few good-willed and determined people can have on the lives of an entire community, and has shaped both career and personal goals for my future.

When I heard about Dr. Maklin and his dream to build a hospital, I immediately wanted to get involved with the project. As we continue to learn about the dire living conditions in Haiti, including the recent cholera outbreaks, the Dlo Geri team is even more passionate and determined to help build this hospital.

Evan Lutz

I am currently a junior at Rutgers University studying bio-environmental engineering. I have always been very aware of the environmental degradation around my town in Kinnelon, New Jersey. From watching the fish population in my local reservoir plummet to seeing the trees on nearby mountains shaved off for commercial purposes, I have never seen myself working for another cause but the earth. I have convinced myself that with the right amount of education and passion that I will be able to clean some of the mess humanity has made. I am currently a member of the Environmental Awareness Club helping push for more on campus sustainable practices, and I am also a contributing member for an Engineering Without Borders project in Kenya where we have been exploring the best methods for delivering water to local tribes in need.

As soon as I heard the members of Dlo Geri explain their project I was hooked. I understood immediately that the amount of work needed to put this project together was well worth the humanitarian and environmental satisfaction we will hopefully get in the end.

Francesca Chery

I am a senior at Rutgers University studying biomedical engineering and packaging engineering. When I recently learned about the Dlo Geri project, I was excited and felt like it was a great opportunity that I couldn't pass up. As a Haitian-American, I feel blessed to have easy access to clean water and many opportunities which many Haitian natives lack. As a result, I would like to give back to the members of the community in any way that I can to make a difference whether big or small.

Frank Getchell

Hello, I’m a hydrogeologist with Leggette, Brashears & Graham, who enjoys nothing more than helping others develop clean water supplies from beneath the earth’s surface – a modern day practitioner of Moses’ technique of getting water from a rock. My 30 plus years of locating and helping to develop groundwater supplies since graduating from the University of Scranton and Syracuse University have taught me that clean water is one of the most valuable and under-appreciated resources on the planet. I had the privilege of joining A.J. in 2007 working on the water supply wells for an orphanage and elderly home in Haiti, and look forward to working on another groundwater supply project with him and the rest of the dedicated Dlo Geri team to help Dr. Maklin and his hospital project make a difference for the people of Haiti.

Frantz Felix

Hello, Bonjour, sak-pase’, my name is Frantz Felix, I’m a Mechanical Engineering and Management Information Systems Professional bringing over 35-years of private industry and government experience in manufacturing process control, automation, design, project management, facilities automation and energy management expertise to the team. I am the current Chief of Facilities, Management and Energy Manager at a manufacturing facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I have a BSME/ Management Information Systems and Industrial Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-POLY), attended graduate school (NYU-Poly –Westchester Campus), and received numerous certifications and training in IT and Lean Manufacturing from Brigham Young University and Ohio State University.

I will do my best to make sure that all Dlo Geri projects will have the proper infrastructure and will be sustainable so the team effort will be a lasting one for Dr. Maklin and the people of his community. Based on this vision, I am certain, Dlo Geri project concepts will be a center of self-sufficient excellence and will be successfully repeated throughout rural Haiti.

As the basis of life, clean water, is a necessity and a natural entitlement, which should not be a luxury as it is in Haiti. Under Jessica and A.J’s leadership, we will make sure our projects are long lasting and sustainable for the people of Haiti.

Nick Kenah

Hello! My name is Nick Kenah, and I am currently a senior at Virginia Tech studying civil and environmental engineering with an interest in hydrology and stormwater management. During the past two summers, I have interned in the water resources departments at AECOM and Jacobs Engineering. I recently returned from a study abroad program in Iceland where I studied groundwater hydrology, soil science, and environmental impact assessment. I graduate this semester where I hope to begin my professional career as a civil engineer.

I was introduced to Dlo Geri just recently, but I am excited to be a part of the team and look forward to the difference we will make for the people of Haiti.


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Dlo Geri FoundedMarch 24, 2015
Go Fund Me Goes LiveSeptember 1, 2015
Flapjack FundraiserSeptember 26, 2015
Assessment TripJanuary 2-9, 2016
First Republic Dinner FundraiserJanuary 16, 2016
AWWA NJ Filter CompetitionFebruary 27, 2016
Officially 501c3 DesignationMarch 24, 2016
Operation Smiles PresentationApril 10, 2016
Adopted By LawsJune 7, 2016
Elected OfficersJune 5, 2016
Implementation TripSeptember 16-19, 2016


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Join Our Team

Dlo Geri welcomes all who have the passion to help the people of Haiti. No matter your background or expertise, your time with us helping create positive change is what we cherish as an organization. The wonderful people of Haiti deserve just as wonderful a place to live, but due to population density, lack of proper education on sanitation, and poor maintenance of sewage and water transportation by the government, many water-borne diseases have spread over Haiti. One project at a time though, with help from people like you, we can solve these problems through passion, science and engineering.

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Honesty - We will be transparent in all of our endeavors. We will be honest and open with our members, stakeholders, the Haitian people and our donors. All risks will be properly disclosed to all involved.

Hardworking - We will put in the time and commitment to make the goals a reality. We will make Dlo Geri a priority in our lives and when required, make sacrifices of time and money, to complete the goals.

Technical Excellence - We will employ the best science and engineering principles in our solutions. We will use accepted standards and best practices for work in developing countries (EWB, WHO, WFP, etc.). We will include rigorous reviews from technical review teams to verify that our solutions will achieve the goals.

Community Support and Sustainability - We will work to provide solutions that will be accepted by the community and sustainable for the expected life of the facility. We want to work with the community to train them so they can operate, maintain and manage the systems.

Compassion, Care and Kindness - We will look out for each other and will strive to help each other and the Haitian People.